Journal History

At the beginning of its establishment, in 2010, the Geography Journal aimed to publish the research results of the lecturers of the Geography Department, FIS UNP. The Geography Journal is also a forum for scientific communication for lecturers in the Geography Department. At that time, UNP already had several scientific journals, but there were no specifics for Geography and Geography Education. Through the Center for Geography Studies and Spatial Data Development, Department of Geography, FIS UNP, in 2010 the Journal of Geography Volume 1, April 1 edition, was published with ISSN 2086-7042. The first published journal was in the form of a hard copy, the entire contents of which were the results of research and thoughts from the lecturers of the Geography Department, FIS UNP. At the beginning of the publication, the editorial board came from 3 institutions, namely UNP, UI and UGM, and it was still limited to only one number. In 2011, due to technical factors there was a vacuum. So then in 2012 Volume 2 Number 1 and Number 2. were published. All articles were filled in by geography lecturers at FIS UNP. Starting from the 2013 issue, Volume 3 Number.1, Geography Journal received articles from outside the Department of Geography FIS UNP, namely from lecturers around UNP and from teachers. Furthermore, in accordance with the demands of the times, in 2018 an E-ISSN was proposed for the Geography Journal. Since then, E-ISSN no. 2014-6525 in addition to the existing ISSN pint. In 2019, Volume 8 number 2. The editorial composition was also adjusted, both personnel and the structure of the editorial board by involving academics from various universities in Indonesia and abroad. Starting from that edition, articles were published from various universities. This effort is carried out in order to follow the requirements for an accredited Geography Journal